What is live coding?

“Live coding is a new direction in electronic music and video, and is getting somewhere interesting. Live coders expose and rewire the innards of software while it generates improvised music and/or visuals. All code manipulation is projected for your pleasure. Live coding works across musical genres, and has been seen in concert halls, late night jazz bars, as well as algoraves. There is also a strong movement of video-based live coders, writing code to make visuals, and many environments can do both sound and video, creating synaesthetic experiences.” (toplap)

Code our Glance Proposal

Off<>zz, Felipe Ignacio Noriega (live coding) and Anne Veinberg (piano),is an ensemble which draws from classical music practices to morph live coding and piano performance into a ‘beyond’ classical music experience. For Classical: NEXT lunch 2017, Off<>zz would like to present “Code Our Glance”: a 15-20min interactive musical journey where the audience influences the performance through a web-application.

In “Code Our Glance”, audience members are invited to log onto our real-time web-application, through their mobile devices, where they can shape the structure of our performance by manipulating the time interval in which we develop the musical ideas. Furthermore, they can make suggestions to the the style of music to come and comment on the events as they experience them. Besides the musical outcome of such a performance, the extra social element of the audience co-operation on the time interval and the performers’ selection from the audience suggestions and comments adds an extra layer to the overall experience.

Current technologies and practices such as programming are becoming relevant to everyday activities and also to new art practices. Live coding is one of such practices, where the act of coding is the performance itself. Within live coding for music the coding is streamed or beamed for the audience to see and follow, so text becomes another expressive layer besides music. Off<>zz is a pioneer in bringing live coding to the classical sphere, and we have made it our mission to bring this new style of music making to the classical concert halls and to the broader public.

Article describing artistic and research process for “Code our Glance” as presented at the International Conference on Live Coding in Hamilton, Canada October 2016.

Off<>zz Concert @ ICLC 2016